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Kirk Hamilton Bio

Kirk HamiltonAs a certified physician's assistant specializing in nutrition, prevention and integrative medicine, KIRK HAMILTON maintains that if there's one cure all for chronic disease it's what you eat. With his emphasis on consuming more unprocessed, micronutrient dense plant-food along with simple cross-training and mind/body principles, Kirk has been instrumental in guiding his patients and clients toward the path of optimal health since 1983. He has also been a valued educator to health professionals. As the founder of Clinical Pearls Publications, Kirk provided thousands of summaries of nutrition research and medical interviews to practicing physicians and researchers around the globe until he sold the company to Tishcon Corp. in 2004. In 2009 Kirk began hosting his own podcast show titled Staying Healthy Today interviewing top experts in the fields of nutrition and preventive medicine. Drawing on his 33 year career, in August 2011 Kirk self-published the book titled "Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane - 9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health." His book serves as a guide for individuals, professionals and policy makers on how to create a new health paradigm that is focused on staying well and prevention as the only real and lasting healthcare reform. He also actively teaches through his Staying Healthy Today Lecture Series and he hosts two YouTube shows, The Sloppy Vegan Cooking Show and the Stay Healthy Today Show. When he's not traveling, lecturing, seeing patients or hosting his own show Kirk is an avid dancer with his specialty being salsa and related Latin dances as well as lindy hop (swing). He also loves to body surf and recently got very excited about free diving. Kirk lives in Sacramento, California. He is the father of one daughter and a grandfather to three beautiful tots Ava Jane (81/2), Drury (6 1/2) and Wiley (5 months). Kirk's passion for medicine and caring for others has been passed on to another generation as his daughter Mya is a practicing nurse in San Francisco.

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