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Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer. Early Detection, Prevention and Treatment Using The Latest Medical Technology, Diet and Lifestyle – An Interview With Ronald Wheeler M.D.

ronald_wheeler.croppedLearn the Connection Between Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer and How To Prevent, Diagnose and Treat Prostate Diseases With The Latest Medical Technology and Nutrition Science

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Ronald Wheeler a urologist and medical director of the Diagnostic Center for DiseaseTM in Sarasota, Florida specializing in the prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases of the prostate using diet, nutrition and lifestyle along with the latest in medical technology including Magnetic Resonance Imaging Spectroscopy (MRIS) using an HD-X 3.0 Tesla magnet for prostate cancer diagnosis and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) as a treatment for this condition.

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