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Heart Disease Risk Reduction And Rapid Weight Loss While Enhancing Athletic Performance With The “Plant-Strong” Engine 2 Diet – An Interview With Rip Esselstyn

rip-photo_sizedLearn How A Firemen's ‘Plant-Strong' Diet Can Improve Athletic Performance, Help You Lose Up To 20 Pounds in a Month, While Dramatically Lowering Your Heart and Chronic Disease Risk.

Kirk Hamilton interviews Rip Esselstyn, former world-class triathlete, All-American swimmer, current Texas fireman, author and health advocate, on his new book, The Engine 2 Diet, a 28-day health and weight loss program. Rip's desire to help a fellow fireman with elevated cholesterol resulted in a highly successful weight loss and chronic disease risk reduction program based on a ‘plant-strong' diet and exercise program. Rip's story is inspirational and his book is an extremely practical, ‘How To' manual on how to dramatically change your life and health through his Engine 2 Diet program along with exercise. You can join Rip's Engine 2 Academy and start losing weight and dramatically improving your health with practical self-help tools and education.

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