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Food and It’s Role In The 4 “A's” – Allergies, Asthma, ADHD and Autism – One Mother’s Mission - An Interview With Robyn O'Brien

robynobrienheadshotintLearn How To Detect Food Allergies, Eliminate Unhealthy Foods and Prevent Problems Such As Asthma, Autism, ADHD and Allergies In Our Children

Robyn O'Brien was raised in Houston, Texas and earned an MBA from Rice University and graduated as the top woman in her class. Robyn went on to work in the investment world on Wall Street. She is now a full time mother with four children and continues to be a healthy and "clean" food advocate for families. She is the founder of the The Allergy Kids Foundation, an organization designed to help protect the 1 in 3 American children that now have autism, ADHD, asthma or allergies. She has appeared in the New York Times, on CNN, the Today Show and Good Morning America and has been featured in People Magazine. She is the author of The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It.

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