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Memory and Cognitive Improvement With Daily Grapejuice Intake, and, Other Natural Approaches To Memory and Cognition - An Interview With Robert Krikorian PhD

r_krikorian_headshotLearn How Memory and Cognition Can Be Improved And Preserved With Grapejuice, Diet Change and Exercise

Dr. Robert Krikorian earned a BA and  MA degree in philosophy from Boston University. He received an MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cincinnati between 1977-1984. He completed an internship in the Department of Psychiatry from 1980-1981, and a Fellowship in Neuropsychology from 1981-1983. He is currently Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Director of the Division of Psychology, and Director of the Cognitive Disorders Center at The University of Cincinnati. His areas of interests are non-pharmacologic ways of preserving memory and cognitive function in aging. His research articles entitled "Concord Grape Juice Supplementation Improves Memory Function In Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment," in the British Journal of Nutrition, 2009 and "Blueberry Supplementation Improves Memory in Older Adults" in J Agric Food Chem, 2010 disuss this topic.

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