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Heart Disease Prevention And Reversal With The New Cardiology - An Interview With Stephen Sinatra MD

stephen_sinatra.headshotLean How To Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease By Using Metabolic Cardiology

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D. is a board-certified cardiologist, certified bioenergetic psychotherapist, and certified as a nutrition and anti-aging specialist. He combines psychological, nutraceutical and electroceutical approaches to healing, with a specialty in managing and reversing cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Sinatra has written numerous books, including Lower Your Blood Pressure in Eight Weeks, The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? and the book Reverse Heart Disease Now the topic of this interview. Dr. Sinatra is also author of the nationally-distributed newsletter Heart, Health & Nutrition. For more information go to drsinatra.com.

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