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Hormone Replacement Therapy and The Biodentical Debate. Are They Really Safer and More Effective Than Synthetic Hormones? - An Interview With Kent Holtorf MD

holtorfkheadshotLearn Why Bioidentical Hormones are Safer and More Effective Than Synthetic Hormones?

Kent Holtorf, M.D. is founder and medical director of the Holtorf Medical Group. For more than a decade he has specialized in innovative evidence-based therapies for hypothyroidism, complexed endocrine dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic infectious diseases including Lyme disease and chronic viral illness. He has trained physicians across the country and published a number of peer-reviewed endocrine reviews on complexed, controversial or misunderstood issues such as "The Bioidentical Hormone Debate: Are Bioidentical Hormones (Estradiol, Estriol, And Progesterone) Safer Or More Efficacious Than Commonly Used Synthetic Versions In Hormone Replacement Therapy? in Postgraduate Medicine in 2009. He is a guest editor/peer-reviewer for a number of medical journals including the journal Endocrine. He received his doctorate of medicine from St. Louis University, with residency training at UCLA. Dr. Holtorf is also the founder of  the non-profit organization, the National Academy of Hypothyroidism, which provides physicians and patients with the most up-to-date information on the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism. His is the Endocrinology Expert for AOL Health.

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