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Healthy Aging: A Model of Functional Aging in the Modern World - An Interview With Dorothy Rossi

dorothy_rossi_headshotLearn Real Lifestyle Tips About Aging Functionally and Independently in the Modern World From a Vibrant Nonagenarian

Dorothy Rossi is a vibrant and remarkable 90 year-old independently living female. As she shares about her life experiences and daily living habits she provides the listener with 'pearls' of how to apply practical health principles in the modern world. Dorothy lives in the same house she has lived in all her life, being born just three miles away in the beautiful Napa Valley. Dorothy is still very physically active as she daily takes care of her twenty-four acres of vineyards, almond, pear and prune trees, as well as managing chickens for her long-time thriving egg business. Listening to Dorothy explain her daily lifestyle practices gives you practical lessons on how to optimizes your chances to age gracefully, functionally and independently. Highly recommended reading for this topic are: Healthy At 100, John Robbins (2007), The Blue Zone, Dan Buettner (2008), and The Okinawa Program (2001).

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