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Chronic Disease Prevention, The Use of Bio-Identical Hormones and the Value of Saliva Testing - An Interview with Jay Mead MD

mead-jay-headshot3Learn The Value of Hormone Balancing with Bioidentical Hormones and Saliva Testing

Kirk Hamilton interivews Dr. Jay Mead, President and Medical Director of Labrix Clinical Services. Dr. Mead is a leading expert in salivary hormone testing. He has been a practicing clinician for more than twenty years; he is a board certified pathologist (AP/CP); he is a retired United States Air Force Flight Surgeon and cofounder of a progressive full service complementary and alternative medicine clinic. Dr. Mead is also co-author of the book: Slim, Sane and Sexy; A Pocket Guide to Natural, Bioidentical Hormone Balancing published in 2008.

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