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Sleep Quality, Chronic Inflammation and Magnesium Therapy - An Interview with Forrest Nielsen PhD

nielsen_headshotLearn How Chronic Inflammation Can Hinder Sleep Quality and Why Magnesium is a Valuable Therapy

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Forrest Nielsen who received his Bachelor's degree in 1963, Master's degree in 1966, and Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1967, all in biochemistry, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After completing two years of military service with the U.S. Army's Medical Research and Nutrition Laboratory in Denver, CO, Dr. Nielsen, was the first staff member hired at the present day Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center. He arrived in Grand Forks shortly before the building officially opened in 1970. He served as Center Director from June ,1985 to March, 2001. His current position is a research nutritionist. His present research program is focused on determining whether bone health is adversely affected by obesity-induced chronic inflammation exacerbated by pro-inflammatory factors such as magnesium deficiency. Dr. Nielsen's past research focused on determining the needs and actions for essential nutrients (i.e. trace minerals) on bone health, cardiovascular function, and neuropsychological function. He recently has co-authored a paper entitled "Magnesium Supplementation Improves Indicators of Low Magnesium Status and Inflammatory Stress in Adults Older Than 51 Years With Poor Quality Sleep," in the journal Magnesium Research in 2010.

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