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The Role of Curcumin in Colon Cancer Prevention - An Interview with Robert E. Carroll, MD

carroll.headshotLearn About the Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Neoplastic Effect of Curcumin as It Relates to Colon Cancer Prevention

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Robert E.Carroll, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Staff Physician at the University of Illinois Medical Center, and, a Staff Physician at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. His major research focus concerns the expression and function of gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) and its receptor. This research focus shows that these proteins are almost always aberrantly expressed by cancers of the GI tract. His clinical research focuses on way to discover the earliest premalignant changes in esophageal (Barretts mucosa), gastric (intestinal metaplasia), and colonic epithelium (aberrant crypt foci). Dr. Carroll co-authored a paper entitled "Phase IIa Clinical Trial of Curcumin for the Prevention of Colorectal Neoplasia," in Cancer Prevention Research in March of 2011.

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