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Weightloss, 'Detoxing' and Creating Wellness with Raw Foods and How To Build a Succsssful Raw Food Business – An Interview with Ani Phyo

AniPhyoSeminarBuild Vibrant Health with Ani Phyo's 15 Day Program! - Learn How to Make Raw Foods Work For You and As a Business

Kirk Hamilton interviews Ani Phyo author, nutritionist, health coach, business consultant, TV host, and entrepreneur whose passion lies in designing and creating socially and environmentally aware communities around technology, immersive experiences, eco-green products, and healthy lifestyles. She is the author of four award winning cookbooks: "Ani's Raw Food Asia," "Ani's Raw Food Essentials", "Ani's Raw Food Desserts", "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen" and author of the nutrition and fitness book, "Ani's 15-Day Fat Blast."  She has received numerous awards as a successful cookbook author and health educator. Ani is an Advisor to Loyola Marymount’s Entrepreneurship Program in the College of Business Administration, and is a Panelist for the Executive Management Program at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. For more information about Ani's latest courses and retreats click here. For more information about Ani go to AniPhyo.com.

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