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Erectile Dysfunction, Sunlight and Vitamin D (Part 1) - Diabetes Reversal with High Carb Diet, Exercise and Sunlight (Part 2) - An Interview with Dr. Marc Sorenson EdD

MarcSorensonHSLearn the Value of Sunlight and Vitamin D in ED (Part 1) and 25 Years of Experience "Reversing" Type 2 Diabetes with a High Carb, Low-Fat, Plant-Based Diet with Sunlight and Exercise (Part 2)

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Mark Sorenson (EdD) who formerly raised cattle before converting to a plant-based diet who has been a health educator, author and has run health resorts for more than 25 years with his wife Vickie using a high carbohydrate, low-fat, plant-based diet with sunlight, exercise and herbs (no supplements) to reduce weight and chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. In Part 1 (4:00-17:00 mm:ss) of this interview Dr. Sorenson shares his health resort experiences applying these simple modalities in reversing chronic conditions and he shares his conclusions regarding vitamin D, but more importantly sunlight, as a means to lower not only cardiovascular risk but also to improve erectile dysfunction. In Part 2 (17:10-43:25 mm:ss) of the interview Dr. Sorensen shares his decades of experience with his high carbohydrate, low-fat dietary approach (and exercise and environmental) to reversing type 2 diabetes. Dr. Sorenson and his wife currently run a health resort, and he is the author of multiple books and papers, including most recentlly "Vitamin D and Solar Power," and "Does Vitamin D Deficiency Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction?" (Dermatoendocrinol. 2012 Apr 1;4(2):128-36)

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